We learn, not for school, but for life. ~ Seneca

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What makes this site different from all the other homeschool websites? Many bright children struggle or fail at school simply because they are being taught in a way that makes it harder for them to learn. They may be creative instead of logical or see the big picture and miss the details.

This site will introduce you to activities that engage the whole brain. Most traditional school methods favor left brain activities. If your smart, curious child is struggling with boring texts, worksheets, and lectures ~ keep reading!

I am a former public school teacher. My husband and I took our kids out of school in 2004 to teach them at home. Why? Every day was a struggle. My children did OK in school (while they were there); however, they didn't thrive and enjoy learning.

Looking back, I can't beleive I didn't "mess them up" with our untradtional way of schooling, but they have learned how to LEARN. They do not rely on a teacher to spoon feed things to them. They dream something up or decide on a project, and go after it. If they bump up against a problem or obstacle, they can figure out what they need to do to overcome it. So, as my oldest enters college and my youngest not far behind, I am more confident than ever that the skills they've learned at home will help them go on to be successful in life.

Most school curriculums use teaching methods that require left brain processing tasks. Most children are capable of learning material with these methods, but it isn't always easy. By researching a child's learning style, and using different teaching strategies, you can make learning and knowledge retention easier for them.

For children like mine (and perhaps yours) home and the community provide a wide variety of real life learning opportunites that any traditional school would be hard pressed to provide. Homeschooling statistics show that parents can capitalize on that in a way that allows love and learning to go hand in hand.

Are you interested in helping children learn at home? Whether you are a full time home teacher or a parent who helps your child with homework from a traditional school, the information and tips you find here can help make teaching and learning easier.

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Are you a parent with a student who is struggling at school? Are you exploring alternative education options and ways to help with school assignments at home? Are you looking for information on the pros and cons of homeschooling? Maybe you have made the choice for home education, but are wondering how to start.

Perhaps you have been a home educator for year or two. You have enjoyed many of the benefits, but have also experienced some of the disadvantages of teaching your child at home. Are you looking for curriculum? Ideas to shake up your routine or supplement your child's traditional school curriculum ~ like field trips, or games? Keep reading, you'll find those things here!

Maybe you are a seasoned veteran. Your children are starting high school and you aren't sure what to do. If you've been a home educator for years, you might be just plain weary. Check out the burnout article by Deb Erbach Burger, "graduated" homeschool mother of four, for some encouragement. She also has some great tips for your high school student in her Time Management for Teens article.

Whether you are beginning your journey with a preschooler or a high school student, Homeschool-By-Design has great tips to inspire you in ways that will work for your creative learner.

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Why do I call my site Homeschool-by-Design? Everyone has different goals, hopes, and dreams for their children. Every family has a different dynamic. Every child has different interests and capacity for learning. If you consider all the variable factors that effect a person's education, you will realize that one size doesn't fit all. That's the philosophy of the public education system. Homeschooling allows you to design a plan that works for YOUR child. Nobody is better equipped to do that than you.

Designing a plan for YOUR family is a constant learning and adjustment process. Each stage of the journey presents new questions, challenges, joys and milestones. What a joy it is to walk beside our children as they learn!

homeschool field trips

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