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Kids Love "Games" and Parents Love "Free" and "Educational"

Free online educational games are great for kids who are visual and kinestetic learners. Online reading and math games can be a great incentive to practice subjects that require repitition. Social studies and science games reinforce learning.

Using games is a great way to teach. Many homeschool parents use them to take the drudgery out of repetition for subjects like math and spelling and playing them encourages increased engagement time for other subjects as well.

Personally, I prefer the face to face social interaction provided by traditional board games and family game time, but there are times when a online game is a useful and exciting break from the daily routine.

Below, you'll find a few of my favorites categorized by suggested age. At the end of my list are recommendations from readers and a place where you can add your suggestions and comments! At the time they were listed, these sites did not require a log in or registration to play the games. Please use the “Contact Me” link on the left navigation bar if a link doesn’t work or has changed their policy for accessing games and requires a registration.

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Please note: It is your responsibility to preview these free online educational games online before your kids play! My children have played many of them, but sites change daily, so even if they have played before make sure you recheck each time. Make sure they are appropriate for your family before letting your kids play! Most of the games require Shockwave or Java to be installed on your computer if you don't already have it. (You will be prompted to download them if you haven't already installed them on your computer.) These programs are free, safe and worthwhile.

Have fun!

Younger Students

Dance Mat Typing - Learn to touch type. My 11 year old can touch type over 30 words per minute...better than some adults.

Funschool– Variety of subjects. Mostly for younger students.

Kids Games – Games and activities for kids age 6-10

Prongo - Mostly for 3-12 year olds

The Kidz Page - Mostly for elementary.

American Girl - My girls love this site. Some of these games are educational, are some are just like a video game. Make sure if you want educational games, you preview first.

Funbrain - Math practice and other games for elementary students. Similar to Funschool mentioned above.

Toy Theater - Art, math, reading, music, puzzles, brain teasers, and games just for fun.

Spelling City - Plug in your own spelling words.

Older Students

Mi Vida Loca - This isn't really a game, but more of a Spanish language "mystery". It's very engaging.

History Channel - Make sure you check these…some have questionable/violent content – but has good ones as well.

Kidsgeo - Geology and Geography for older elementary through high school.

Seterra - This game is a recommendation from Elaine in Canada. It is downloadable from this site. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but will post details when I do.

Edheads - Science for middle school and higher.

For All Ages - A little bit for all ages...

Pogo - Variety of games.

Sheppard Software - USA, world geography, animals, vocabulary, health, science, math, history, brain games

The Problem Site – Variety of subjects.

Spelling City - spelling tests and games with your custom word list. - activities to supplement Latin and Spanish instruction.

TuxMath - In this shooting game, asteroids threaten friendly penguin Tux. His ammunition? Mental arithmetic! The flying moonrocks are actually space division, multiplication and subtraction, and by finding the answer, you destroy them, and saving the penguin igloos from the devastating impact.

What are your free online game recommendations?

Do you have a free online game site that you or your kids love? Homeschoolers are known for helping others! Tell us about that site here! Any site you review here must be free. It's ok if registration is required (ie. you must put in your e-mail and create an account.) Give a little background on the site, the kind of games available, the suggested age range, and why it's worth visiting. If you have a story about something your child has learned by playing the game, we'd love to hear that too! The more info the better! Make sure you include a link to the game page!

What is the name of the website?

Free Online Math Games - click here to view more links to math websites with free games.

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