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Homeschool activities vary widely depending on the interests of your child. One of the benefits of homeschooling is allowing students more time on a daily basis to concentrate on subjects and activities that interest them. Sometimes these areas are academic, sometimes they might be considered "extracurricular." However you choose to describe them, learning is taking place during these activities.

With all the choices, it is easy to see why some homeschool families have trouble limiting their activites.

Many of these activities can be done within your family while others are better suited for a larger group. Some, like field trips can work with any size group.

4-H Despite what you might remember, 4-H isn't just for farmers! Homeschooling and 4-H really go hand in hand, which is why it's one of our favorite extracurricular activities. Read more about using 4-H with your homeschool.

Co-Ops Cooperative learning can be a fun activity as well as a social outlet for homeschoolers. One successful homeschool group explains the basics of getting a co-op started through this link.

Field Trips Homeschool field trips are fun with just your family or with a large group. Tips for planning a great field trip and a place for you to share your favorite educational outing.

Games Educational Games are fun and a break from the usual routine. Why should you play games? What makes a good game? How to incorporate game playing into your homeschool and family time. Find answers to these questions here.

Gardening Children learn science and practical skills and in the end, have something to show for their efforts. Even city dwellers can enjoy fresh foods from small container gardens. More information about gardening with children can be found here.

Public Speaking Learning to speak in public is an essential life skill that many adults fear. Teaching kids to speak in front of a group at a young age helps build confidence and skills for them to become effective speakers as they get older. Learn more about public speaking for your homeschool.

Support Groups There are many types of homeschool groups. Some provide only information and support, others operate more like a co-op with classes and field trip opportunites. What kind of group is right for you?

Travel One of the benefits of homeschooling is being able to travel with your children during "off-peak" times. Travel provides a great opportunity for learning in the real world. You can explore history, different cultures, museums, wildlife, art, food...
Find out what others are saying about different locations and add your knowledge! With YOUR help, homeschoolers can make thier vacations fun AND educational!

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Field Trips

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Organizing Field Trips for Homeschool Groups
Provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to plan a successful homeschool field trip for your support group.

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