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Does My Child Have ADHD?

Does my child have ADHD? Here are are few general characteristics of ADHD.

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Teaching Children with ADHD

Homeschool strategies for teaching children with ADHD.

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Homeschool Unit Studies

Homeschool unit studies are a way to integrate several subjects into one topic of study and allows you to teach children of varying ages.

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Homeschooling vs Public Schools

Homeschooling vs public schools - and essay on major differences in the homeschoolvs public school mindset.

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Historical Events Timeline - How to make a timeline

How to make a historical events timeline for Bible, ancient history, modern history or historical figures.

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Branches of Science

Branches of science - What are some topics of study for a science curriculum? Homeschool website with great ideas.

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Right Brain vs Left Brain

If you understand right brain vs left brain functions, you can choose homeschool curriculum thatsuits your childs learning style.

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Types of Games - Five ways to make learning fun

Five types of games. Choosing a variety of fun educational games can benefit your homeschool.

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Family Game Time

How to carve family game time out of your busy homeschool schedule.

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Free Online Educational Games

Free online educational games for your kids to play. Math, reading, preschool and kindergarten through high school.

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Bad Attitude About Homeschooling? Kids Who Learn at Home

Bad attitude in a homeschool, one way to deal with it.

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Explode the Code

Explode the code is one of very few curriculum choices we've stuck with through the entire series. It is a simple, easy to use, no frills program that's

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One Year Adventure Novel

This year my daughter chose to use the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. She has a desire to write novels and we have tried other approaches through

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Housing development construction site

We live in a suburban area where new housing developments are constantly going up. Our homeschool co-op group arranged a tour of one such development

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Peterson Directed Handwriting (K)

I purchased this program to help teach my kindergartners how to properly form their letters. I suppose for some children this would work, but for my children

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Screen printing business

My family, along with another, visited a screen printing business to see just how all those great t-shirts are made. As preparation for the trip, the

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You can win $25 for homeschool supplies!

Enter to win a $25 gift certificate from Just submit a homeschool curriculum review or field trip story and get your name in a random drawing! Click the permalink for more details.

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Once-a-Week Unit Studies

Once-a-Week Unit Studies are well-rounded, comprehensive unit studies that totally immerse you and your family in a particular topic while incorporating

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Public Speaking?

I am considering writing a public speaking curriculum for younger kids/reluctant speakers. Is there interest in something like that? Please reply on the HBD Facebook Fan page or to Thanks!

Time 4 Writing

I have struggled to find a homeschool writing curriculum I have been pleased with. There just always seem to be some gaps in the instruction. And the

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