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The best ideas and tips for homeschool field trips. A person's education is shaped by all the experiences he or she has over the course of a lifetime. "Doing life" instead of reading about it in a book is so much more memorable. That's why I'm also a huge fan of educational travel. Homeschool families love the idea of field trips, but often have a hard time deciding where to go. Near the bottom of this page is a list of ideas submitted by readers to help you get started. If you are a seasoned field trip planner, please share your stories with us using the submission form below!

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Wherever you live, there are some great educational field trips just around the corner. You may have to adjust your thinking to see them.

As a former public school teacher, I viewed field trips as just another way to check off an objective that I was required to teach. If you look at many official field trip guides, you will notice a list of “objectives” that can be fulfilled by participating in a trip. Since starting to homeschool, I have discovered that not all learning experiences will fit into an “objective box” but they are still worthwhile.

Now that I know more about right brain learners I understand that when we go on a field trip, my kids notice more and are taking in more than one specific objective. They are processing the experience as a whole. Sure, I can draw their attention to a detail, but they are going to learn alot more by seeing the big picture.

One special difference between homeschool field trips and regular school field trips is that businesses are often more open to small groups (like one family) more so than a large group of 20 kids and their chaparones. Can you imagine having 20 kids and 5 adults in a glass blowing studio?!? I can't, but the artist was happy to have my family in for a demonstration.

Another difference is the amount of time you can spend with your children really taking in the details and all the aspects of learning that homeschooling field trips have to offer. Read an example from a social studies field trip.

How can you increase your chances of having a good trip with your children? Read "Field Trip Tips for Homeschoolers" before you go.

Where have you been?

Have you been on a super fun homeschool field trip? Do you have an idea for a great outing? Pay it forward! Share your homeschool field trip experience or idea with other homeschoolers. They may find a similar opportunity in their hometown!

Maybe you went somewhere that wasn't a worthwhile as you had hoped it would be. Share that experience and help others know what might have made it better for you and your family.

In addition to the description of your trip, you might like to include tips that might be of special interest to homeschool visitors.

Give your field trip story or idea a title here!

Looking for field trip ideas?

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Local Courthouse 
I took my son for a tour of the local courthouse. It was a last minute thought and we walked in and asked the security officers and explained that my son …

Housing development construction site 
We live in a suburban area where new housing developments are constantly going up. Our homeschool co-op group arranged a tour of one such development …

Screen printing business 
My family, along with another, visited a screen printing business to see just how all those great t-shirts are made. As preparation for the trip, the …

Veterans Day Ceremony 
This year we attended the Veteran’s Administration Hospital ceremonies. My children along with others from our 4H and homeschool group were on hand to …

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