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Avoid Overcommitment When You Are Setting Up a Schedule

Are any of you out there feeling OVERWHELMED with your homeschool schedules?

Homeschool scheduling is tough. I need to take my own advice on setting up a schedule. I have so much to do…I really don’t have time to even write this, but I’m going to anyway. Let’s see, in addition to all those things that make up being a wife, mother, homemaker, 4H leader, homeschool group leader and church volunteer…we're remodeling our basement (remodeling one room makes your whole house a mess), I’m trying to tie up some loose academic ends, decide on a plan for next year, prepare a budget for our local homeschool group, attend all the “end of the year” talent shows, recitals, and awards banquets, open up my parents house before they get here for “the season”, plan a birthday party for my oldest (she wants it very small – bless her!), and get Mother’s Day gifts in the mail (and soon!) I’m TIRED just thinking about it, but now I feel better, and maybe you do too, knowing other homeschool moms have scheduling and overcommitment problems.

I have 14 commitments (outside of family) next week. Yes, 14! And I even cancelled 2 to get it down to 14. When I look at my homeschool schedule, all I can think is “How did I get myself into this?” I try to say no, but have a hard time. There are so many good things out there, it’s hard to “miss out” on fun opportunities, but there is always a price to pay.

Does this sound familiar? If so, your homeschool schedule (like mine) has given in to the lure of overcommitment.

Are you tired of being stressed, anxious, overworked and weary?

Take control.

Overcommitment for your or your children does not lend itself to living a balanced life. We all do it, but we regret it afterward. The opportunities available to our children (and to us) are fabulous, making it difficult to pass up on things you think may not be available again.

Selecting the best activities and opportunities to fit into your homeschool schedule is an important skill to master as a homeschool parent. Being able to set priorities, taking control of your family’s time and schedule will enhance your quality of life while meeting the academic, spiritual and social needs of your children.

Here are some tips I learned about homeschool schedules after the episode above:

Examine your schedule and available time.

Sit down with your calendar and list all the extracurricular activities and appointments for your family. Link to more on homeschool scheduling.


After looking over your calendar, decide if you have already taken on too much. If so, see what you can scale back to free up some time. Decide what is realistic and most beneficial in light of your homeschool and family goals.

Avoid last minute commitments.

A calendar is a good reminder of activities, the blank space may be screaming to you, “Fill me up! Fit something here!” Don’t let that blank space worry you. Before you add another obligation to your homechool schedule, be sure you know what is expected of you and how much time it will require. Determine if the activity fits in to your family or homeschool goals. Make sure you have some days reserved just for family. These days are as important as everything else.

Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no”.

Leaning to say no is hard. People who ask you to do something or provide an opportunity most likely do not realize the full extent of your commitments. If your schedule is already full, saying no is important.

At the same time, make sure you have some time in your schedule to help others. You will be amazed at the blessings you receive by giving to others.

After realizing the mess I had made with my homeschool scheduling, we decided to forego ALL the fun sounding week long camps that are offered over the summer months. Usually, I look forward to taking my kids somewhere for the whole day so I can have some time to myself to plan and think about the upcoming year. Not that we didn’t do anything…I planned a few close in day trips, spent more time with my parents while they were here for the summer, played tennis with the girls, and had a short family vacation. Most of all, I was so happy to have them home most days playing in the yard with friends!

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