How Much Does Homeschooling Cost?

Managing the Costs

"How much will homeschooling cost?" is one of the most common questions for those considering homeschool. Unfortunately, it does not have a black and white answer.

Compared to private school, the cost of homeschooling is nearly always a less expensive option.

Even if your children are in a "free" public school, there are hidden expenses that add up (supplies, field trips, project fees, teacher gifts, ect.)

homeschooling cost

If you are currently a two parent family with one income, wise purchasing decisions should make the start up cost of homeschooling minimal. This is especially true, if you are starting your homeschool for a pre-schooler or kindergartener. For great cost cutting tips and advice on frugal living check out Frugality for Today.

Generally, most think of a homeschool family as one where one parent leaves the workforce (and their income) and concentrates exclusively on home education. Many families choose this option because they feel the educational and character benefits the children receive is worth the financial sacrifices they ultimately make. In theory, this is the ideal option.

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If you are a single parent or a two income family that is already strapped financially, you may think there is NO WAY you can provide for your family and teach your children at home.


I know dozens of families in this situation that have made adjustments to accomodate the children at home. These families are exceptionally committed to making their homeschool successful.

A few blessed familes have willing grandparents who have accepted the opportunity to homeschool thier grandchildren on a full time or part time basis or provide help and childcare as needed so the parents can continue to work.

Sometimes one parent is able to transition to a work from home situation. This may be in the form of telecommuting, freelance work, or providing daycare for another family. Families that own their own small business may choose to take their children to work with them which can be a learning experience in itself.

Two parents may be able to secure work on opposite shifts, one on day shift one on night shift. This requires planning and forethought since sleep schedules are often erratic, and rotating shifts may at times overlap. The effort and expense of finding childcare during the overlap, may be worth it.

Single parents may have a close relative or friend willing to step in. Work at home may be an option, but you may have to get more creative. Check your local library or local support group for ideas.

You can keep homeschooling costs low, by using some creativity and planning things on your own. More on that in the next section.

Ultimately, you need to asses your family's unique situation and decide how to finance your homeschooling costs in a way that suits YOU.

How much will homeschooling cost?

cost of homeschooling You can definitely raise homeschooling costs by spending a fortune on curriculum, outside lessons, tutoring, equipment, supplemental books and games, but you don't have to. Some might suggest that cost is a disadvantage of homeschooling. I disagree because you decide what the cost of homeschooling will be. I know families that spend less than $100 per year on homeschool materials and others that spend over $1000 per year.

Research a few curriculum programs that you think would be a good fit for your family and then begin researching prices. If you know finances will be tight, you will want to look at used homeschool curriculum sales or online for supplies if you want to keep your cost lower. If you don't think you can support the "wish list" you have created, make some adjustments. See if there are some extra components that you can eliminate to save cash and still teach effectively. Check with local homeschool support groups to see if they have a curriculum check out program or swap. Check your local library for idea books and lesson plans to create your own course of study. That's all a curriculum is anyway - packaged programs make your job easier, but come with a cost.

Don't forget to add the cost of any extracurricular activites with fees like sports teams, private lessons, and clubs. Many free and low cost options for extracurriculars are available through churches, 4H and local recreation departments.

Create a homeschool finance plan that fits your educational goals and your family's current income, and stick to it.

Make the best financial decison for YOUR family.

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